Charlton and ex-chairman Matt Southall involved in a conflict under legal row

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Charlton and ex-chairman Matt Southall

According to many lawyers, Mr. Southall is given special treatment and some special facilities in comparison with other people. If they say it in simple and clear meaning then this means that Mr. Southall is wrongly and unlawfully dismissed from the breach of conduct.  

From various reports, it was observed that the lawyers fighting in favor of Mr. Southall are claiming substantial damages against the person named Addicks. Some of the substantial claims include the actions of the High Court in terms of fees paying.

The other party of the claims, which was the lawyers of the Championship club said that the claims that the lawyers of Mr. Southall are ridiculous and misplaced. They also said that they would take proceedings from their end as Mr. Southall was removed from the team in the month of March only. They also mentioned in their statement that lawyers of Mr. Southall has taken all these actions under the breach of contract, which is something not good.

The lawyers of Mr. Southall also mentioned that his ex-majority shareholder smeared him in a campaign whose name was Tahnoon Nimer and in that campaign, he criticized the actions of Mr. Southall as a chairperson and all this was done a year ago. 

Though Nimer and Southall had worked together before selling the company which is now owned by Charlton so that they can start their business in Paul Elliot and the name of the company which they sold was East Street Investments.

The advisor of Mr. Southall who was at Keystone Law and the name of the person was Paul Daniels said that Mr. Southall is treated completely in a different manner than that of others and all this was started from the last few months. He also mentioned that Mr. Southall was dismissed for breach of contract by means of unlawful and wrong things.

Football club problems

Charlton and ex-chairman Matt Southall are in conflict

At present, the club is facing substantial claims, which are imposed by the lawyers of Mr. Southall, and they are vigorously pursuing and need urgent and serious actions against them. According to various people, the spokesperson of the club does not require any permission for having any suggestions that can help in claiming against him. 

The club said that the allegations made by Mr. Southall are completely waste and do not have any foundation for it. They also said that all these things will not do anything rather than affect the fortunes of the club and they also said that these are just the steps to smear and defame the club.

They also said that the club and Hope Mr. Southall, both are confident in their decisions and when the fans will come across the facts and articles related to the details of the conflict that is going on from last few months then they will get to know who was right and who was actually working for the welfare of the club.