Types of Casino Games You Can Play Online

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Due to advancements in technology, you can play land-based casino games on your phone. All you need to do is access an online casino site or download the app on your phone.

Online casino platforms offer different types of casino games. You can play casinos online at https://casinoraja.in/ and choose from a variety of games. There are traditional games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, as well as new games.

Online casino sites help you to easily access all these games for free. You can either try these games for free or place bets with real money. 

Most of the casino players check the variety of games a casino has to offer before they start playing. It helps them to choose a casino site that contains all their favorite games. 

Casino Games Available with Online Casino Sites:

Here are different types of online casino games you can play at online casino sites. If you want to enjoy all these games in India, you can choose Casino Raja online site. It is one of the newest and most popular casino platforms in India. 

  • Slots:

It is one of the most popular casino games. You will find different types of slots games in almost every casino. The main concept of this game is to match the symbols in the pay line to win a big jackpot. You will get slots games with different themes and symbols. 

  • Blackjack:

This is another popular game you can play at online casinos. It is one of the traditional casino games where you need to make 21 points before other players. Once you get the highest point, you will win the game.

  • Poker:

You will get different variants of poker games online. You can play these games online as well as live. In live poker, there will be live-dealer and real players. You can live stream the game to join the table. You will get Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 Stud and many different types of poker games.

  • Roulette:

It is one of the most addicting and fun casino games. In this game, you just need to bet on the outcome of the spinning wheel. You can play this game online via random number generating software or via live-dealer. 

  • Baccarat:

This game is one of the oldest games in gambling. In this game, you just need to bet on a banker, player or tie. You can easily win big in the quick game. You can play this game live as well as online.

  • Teen Patti:

It is a very popular Indian card game. In this game, you have to compete with other payers to get the highest ranking three cards. You can play this game live as well as online via the software.

  • Bingo:

It is just like the traditional game of bingo but online. You can play it online as the software generates a number. There are different variants of bingo available with online casinos.

  • Keno:

It is a type of lottery game that you can play online. Most of the online casinos provide this game. You just need to choose random numbers to play the game.

  • Scratch Cards:

In this game, you just need to scratch cards virtually. If you get the winning symbol or number, you will get a jackpot or prize.

  • Sic Bo:

It is a dice game in which you need to place bets on the outcome of the dice. You will find this game in most of the casinos. 

  • Andar Bahar:

This is another popular Indian card game. In this game, you just have to bet on two sides of the table. The side with the highest card wins the game.