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Poker India Free

In India, many players play online poker games for free. This game is increasing its popularity day by day. Some players invest money in this game to earn some profit. This game has many formats and no matter what kind of format you are playing. Every game has some merit and demerits as well. 

The downswing in poker format always hurts. When more players enter in a tournament of poker in India. For some players, it is just like a nightmare. If a player enters a large field of tournaments then he will experience highs like winning a WSOP bracelet.  If you are playing well in the game or you are feeling that you can’t win the game then it is rational and reassuring advice.  

So when you are playing online poker in India paid or free then you always know how to deal with downswings in this game. 

Poker tips

online poker games for free
  • Maintain a Healthy bankroll: In online poker in India a common mistake made by players is buying tournaments outside of the bankroll. In the multi-tournament, you can give a huge variance. It is important that your bankroll can sustain at least 100 if you are facing downswings in poker.  If you can’t manage the bankroll carefully then downswings can feel like the end of the world. 
  • When necessary move down in stakes: In the poker game many players have an ego and want to brag about playing with high stakes. This is the main problem of downswings and it may also feel embarrassing but there is no shame to move down the stake after the downswings. It will be counted as a smart decision and the player will also feel good that he is taking the right steps without going broke. Don’t feel pressured if you are playing tournaments outside of your role. 
  • Sell Action: Without any change in the playing habit, you can sell a piece of tournament action which is an effective way to reduce variance. When a player sells an action then the investor gets to keep an equal percentage of the profit and this depends on how much they have invested. If you have good friends in the poker community then selling an action would be easy for you. Don’t sell your action in a risky way. Always make some arrangements with players then you can trust them and also you can protect yourself from the scammers of the game.
  • Study More: During the time of downswing, it is normal for a player to lose confidence. The player should take some time to review your hand and also analyse your strategy. In this game, the variance is the root of the downswings. If you can’t analyse the strategy then look at what you have in your hands.  By spending a few hours on your game you can improve your game.  Every game has some downswings but by these techniques, you can improve your game day by day and become a skilled player in it.