Tennis Betting Guide for How to Place Successful Bets

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Tennis betting

Before we start about how to bet on tennis, let us give you a very slim knowledge about the technicalities of the game. A match of tennis is played on a rectangular court. The court is divided into two parts. A net run in the middle of the court that acts as a divider. Each player stands at one side of the net. The first player to make four points wins. 

Now that you have an idea about how the game of tennis works, let’s hop on to tennis betting guide tips. Here are a few of the things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to bet on tennis. 

Understanding the Tennis Betting Odds

bet on tennis

The first thing that we are going to explain in our online tennis betting guide is the betting odds. For instance, if you see that the betting odds for any player is 1.85, then this means that it is the odds for the player to win the match. What you need to do is convert the odds in decimals to get the percentage in favor or against the player’s winnings. 

Calculations:  1/1.85 x 100= 54.05%

It means that the player has about a 54.05% chance in favor of his or hers. The first important tennis betting tip we can give you is to always have a good look at the odds. 


Not only do you need to narrow down your sports betting activity to a few sports, but also know which part of the betting you want to focus on. This is an important tip for those who are looking for betting guide tennis. 

There are various tennis leagues that go round the year. You cannot possibly do research on all the leagues or on all aspects of the game. Hence, limit your betting activity to things you know about and specialize in them. This will ensure multiple successful wagers in the future. 

Make Accounts with Several Bookmakers

Tennis betting guide

This is perhaps the best thing we can say to you in this tennis betting tips guide. There are several advantages if you make accounts with several bookmakers. However, do make sure that the bookies you are dealing with for tennis betting are trusted ones. Generally, the bookmakers give a good deal of bonus when you make an account. Hence, it is best to go for several bookmakers so that you are entitled to multiple bonuses. This is practically free money that you are getting and can utilize on bets to win more money. 

Capitalize on Suspected Seed

It is best to bet on the best players from early on in the tournament. At this time, the bets are reasonable. In case you haven’t done that, look for the overall performances of the star players and single out the players you think are going to underperform. If you bet against them, you can win really good money. However, you will have to be good at your risk calculations. Also, this tennis guide tip is for players who have a good experience in betting on this sport.