Advanced Guide to Clash of Clans: Clan Castle

As we know, reinforcement troops of the Castle of the Clan will be distributed once the enemy comes within range of the Castle itself. The troops then will come out of the walls to attack the enemy. The troops of the castle of the Clan will attack those who have I activated first, although other units closer encounter on their way to the goal. It is very important that you understand few advanced tehniques Clash of Clans Astuce Gemmes Gratuites that will help you to maximize your Castle Clan efficiency.

However many do not make best use of the Castle of the Clans profitably and properly. It can be better utilized with a standard or a village a village bulkhead using the techniques that I will explain shortly.The best use of your reinforcements is to delay the enemy troops. Since both reinforcements and the attacking troops have only one target (for example your 10 Archers reinforcement against 50 Archers of enemies: all 50 will be directed to attack the first reinforcement Archer, all fire on it, leaving the other 9 units unharmed).

This means that the 10 reinforcement Archers may delay the enemies for a very long time while 50 Archers enemies are slowly taking aim at them one by one. When using this technique, the level of troops of the Castle of the Clan is irrelevant. In fact, once you have been hit by 50 arrows, is of no importance if that Archer is your 1st or 5th level, as it surely will die. Using this technique means that you will be much better to have 5 or 5 Archers/barbarians rather than having a giant. Right combination of units is very important, you can always ask your guild mates to send you high level troops like Dragons for this role.

Although the Giant has more life, it takes less shots to kill him and then the enemy will be delayed to a lesser extent. This makes the ranking of your Castle Clan particularly important. The Village may benefit from a technique where you put a hole for bracing (though much depends on how you built the village). Finally, it should be aware that additional troops can be killed even by your own traps, if the enemy triggers them and reinforcements are nearby. So, do not put traps around the Clan Castle, especially if it is outside of the Walls. The same is not true for Bombs and Giants.

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Best ways to save Coins in Fifa 16

It is necessary for you to develop high trading skills in FIFA 16 if you want to collect enough Coins to buy all players that you will need in the game. There are several ways of doing that, and we will describe them in this blog post.The biggest question, before you start with actual searching for players is to know which players you want to buy. Obviously, the best kind of templates to start your career in Ultimate Team are the players that have to be competitive while also costing a few coins.

I have always recommend Fifa 16 coin generator in Ultimate Team having at least two templates, so that while one the heap up for a game, the other is on the bench, and vice versa. Thus you will save in form letters, not necessary to use them, since each template rests while the other plays. This also serves to avoid the need for signing backup players for a team, as though you have two templates of different leagues, act perfectly as a replacement if necessary helper in a player of refreshment during the meeting, and that once started the party, the changes you do not affect the chemistry of the team. The Ultimate Team coaches have two functions: to increase the chemistry of players and increase the number of contracts for each player. Focusing on the latter, a number (+3, +2, +1) are important, depending on the category of the manager. This number is the percentage that each coach brings to the increase of contracts that a player receives, that is, if you have a coach in your club with a +3 when you apply, to a footballer a letter contract, will be joined by a further 3%. If we have more coaches, we can add up these percentages up to a maximum of 50%.

Therefore, if we acquire several of them, every time we buy contracts, they will give a greater number of matches to each player, something that ultimately will save thousands of coins! Ideally, buy coaches with gold, because you can find many of these at a low price, as long as they are not the best known (as Mourinho and Del Bosque). Therefore, although you need to spend some gold in hiring managers, this will be an investment in the profitable future. If you apply our technique, you will definitely save a lot of coins in Fifa 16.

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Tips to easily win new followers on Instagram

For many of us, the “success” on social networks depends on free instagram followers. Instagram is no exception and, so your pictures will become famous, just follow the golden rules to take a good photograph is not enough. Here are a few little tips, easy to follow, to make the most of  your account. In this blog article we will give you some awesome tips to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

You can count on your friends to build a solid base of followers. To do this, go to Options and then click Find people to follow. To use Instagram Find people to follow Go to Options, then click on Find people to follow. From here you can do a scan of your Facebook account and follow the people you know. Instagram Find people to follow works on the similar way, just make sure your account is public, then Go Edit your profile and verify that the “private posts are not selected. One of the strengths of Instagram is the ability to publish content on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and Flickr. To connect all your Instagram account to your profile, go to Preferences> Sharing. Instagram attracts millions of users and is therefore very important to look after your presentation. Probably, most users will not even notice us, but for those who take the time to read your bio,

It will be the presentation to call into question their desire to follow you. Try adding a short text to each photo or video shared on Instagram. Our advice? Please describe as accurately as possible the situation to give users a bit ‘of environment, avoiding excessive use of hashtags. Feel free to specialize in one area! You have a passion? Then dedicate entire account of Instagram only to that passion. In this way, users can more easily identify with the type of photos and choose to follow or not. So, give free ride  to your imagination. There are already many accounts that only publish photographs in black and white or who use only the filter Toaster, for example. To become popular on Instagram it is important to use the right hashtag. You can find the most popular words of time on sites like Hashtags are used to organize and find publications for keyword. The goal? Follow the authors who share the same interests.

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Minecraft Hidden Mobs

Minecraft has lot of mobs, but there are some secret mobs! In this blog post we are about to share with you some of the hidden mobs that are not obvious and can not be seen at first glance. Some of them are fun, some of them are terrifying, but they are all extremely fun! In a case that you need additional resourcess or some kind of help Minecraft Premium Gratuit 2015 is a solid solution!

Let us start with presenting our hidden monsters, and let us start counting backwards, so here we go, we are presenting you Number 5 – You can add anny kind of name to a sheep, but if you name it Jeb_ _ the sheep will turn into the rainbow sheep and change colours! Number 4 – You can name any kind of animal – Dinner Bone and they will turn upside down! Number 3 – you can summon a Giant by slashing commands and preety much like a Giant Zombie, it will drop golden apples and enchanted golden apples. Number 2 – in older versions of Minecraft like 1.6.4. you can find Hierobrine and you can find him as well in the lower versions, but on 1.7.2.  or higher versions Hierobrine will not be there. Number 1 – Killer Bunny! You can find Killer Bunny in Lucky Block mod. You can spawn him if you do not have Lucky Block mode, you can just type in the command!

Explosives ++ mode for Minecraft

Explosives ++ mode is for 1.7.10. version of Minecraft and it has been updated. TNTx5 can be crafted by getting sand and TNT. TNTx20 – can be made by TNTx5 and sand. Flat TNT- its just flat your land, but not that well. Nuke TNT – This is incredibly large explosion, it will probably not crash your computer. Detonate Chain TNT – this TNT doesn’t do anything if you blow up it, it will just explode in one block, but if you place any kind of TNT and you place it behind, and blow up, it will blow up the Detonate Chain TNT. In updated version there is H-TNT and more. H-TNT if you blow up, it will big hole with any lag. C-4 Explosion – You can make this by getting plastic, you will need 9 coals and place them in the crafting table. When you blow up C-4 explosion, it will all automatically blow up. So, be careful!  Those mods are alot of fun, give us a comment and share with us any experience that you may have in Minecraft.

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Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King X-box Review

Dark Souls II newest expansion is bringing a lot of content that will keep you busy for a while. If you are a fan of strange and mysterious Dark Souls Universe, you will find that your needs are fulfilled, new expansion, available with free xbox live gold,  is bringing a lot of content that will give you hours of interesting gameplay, in new surrounding of Eleum Loyce.

This time we are supposed to travel to some kind of nordic settlement, where winter is everything. I am not quite sure, was this influenced with ultra popular series “Game of Thrones” or ” Vikings”, but in any case your new Dark Souls 2 adventures will happening in hard Nordic winter. So, in that since, the winter is comming. We must admit that this time, environment looks really interesting, from dark setting and atmosphere in original Dark Souls, through strange jungle environment presented in Crown of the Sunken King, we finally got visually appealing atmosphere that will raise the beauty of this game.

The story of this new sequel of Dark souls 2 is quite interesting and you will find  yourself wandering around snowy mountains in search for hints that will lead you to solve the mystery of Ivory King, trying to find hidden treasure. What is noticable is a fact that Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King is bringing huge variety of enemies into play. You will fight with many interesting enemies, such as Flexile Sentry, Frozen Reindeer or Frost Bear. The remarkable feature in Dark Souls series are boss fights, and it is also one of the best part of entire game. Basically, you will encounter two types of battles during your adventure. In first type of boss battles you will fight against larger enemy, where you must rely on your reflexes.

In another type of Boss fights you must rely n your logic and puzzle solving abilities. Once again Dark Souls is inviting all kind of adventures to test their RPG skills in one of the best RPG games ever made. Off course, it is not possible to logically debate or determine if that is true, simply because different players have different taste, but we will all agree that Dark Souls  2 is a solid gamem that can  give you a lot of fun. If you are looking for just another cave to explore, another troll to kill or another chest to open, newest Dark Soul 2 expansion is a perfect deal.

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The quick review of “War the Game”

War, the Game may be best depicted as a to some degree pared down, stripped down RTS; an amusement that obliges you to truly consider your methodology, yet in the meantime keeps the gameplay straightforward and reasonable to ideally not remain in the middle of you and what you need to do. As the diversion is played on a worldwide scale this is no awful thing – a globe is a major place as it would turn out.

war the gameThere are seven standard sorts of units accessible to the player and one extraordinary weapon. The typical units are infantry, shield, warriors, planes, plane carrying warships, war armadas and transport armadas. The uncommon weapons are strategic atomic rockets. No genuine shocks there, and as said it is all paired simple. Every unit has an exceptional, basic symbol to recognize it – a tank for heavily clad units, a square of fighters for infantry, et cetera.

As specified the amusement is played on a globe of the Earth (which looks really flawless it must be said). Players can zoom in and out and move far and wide rapidly and effectively utilizing only the mouse and the mouse-wheel. Moving the world over is straightforward directing and clicking. There are some valuable alternate ways accessible, for example, holding down the mouse catch over a unit for a more extended period, then doing likewise on another unit, to gathering them. Assembled units go about as an armed force that will touch base at a destination in the meantime which implies that your units can make a co-ordinated assault as opposed to arriving, and probably being pulverized, piecemeal. A few activities are actuated by a “long” mouse click as opposed to a typical snap – which is a pleasant method for adding additional controls to the mouse as opposed to utilizing easy route keys or mouse + key blends.

The diversion includes various situations of fluctuating trouble. In each the player takes the part of the incomparable military leader of one side while the AI controls the other. I’m perplexed there is no multi-player mode for War, the Game so you are dependent on the ability of the AI to give a test. Luckily the AI is really great and does give a test. That said, a multi-player alternative would be pleasant at some point later on. The situations set out goals that the player must finish with a specific end goal to win. The situations can keep running from extremely easy to complex wars. The early on the fight, for instance, pits only two US infantry and one US defensive layer unit against one infantry and one heavily clad unit from Iraq. The more mind-boggling situations have numerous more units included and spread a bigger geological range. Every one of the situations must be settled by military means, there’s truly no tact alternative in the diversion. Likewise, there’s no scrutinizing new innovation to be done, and everybody’s units are indistinguishable as far as capacities – as I said, pared down.

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